100% Pure Raw Organic Cacao Butter, from Ecuador 1kg block

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100% Pure Raw Organic Cacao Butter, from Ecuador 1kg block

  • Derived from Fine Arriba Nacional cacao
  • Raw cacao butter, pleasant cacao smell
  • Use for natural cosmetics, baking, DIY chocolate
  • From Ecuadorian smallholder cooperatives
  • From controlled organic cultivation

 Cacao Butter Origins 

"Arriba Nacional" is one of the so-called fine cacao varieties, which are characterized by a particularly fine taste profile, and grows almost exclusively in Ecuador. Our cacao butter has not been deodorized from the raw cacao beans of the "Arriba Nacional". By not using deodorization, the butter retains a light, wonderful smell of cacao. 

Cacao butter is ideal for the production of homemade natural cosmetics (lip balm, body lotion, after sun, etc.). The plant-based butter is also a great ingredient in baking (particularly tasty: banana bread and baked goods containing cacao!).

Unlike conventional cacao butter, raw cacao butter is cold-pressed. By pressing the raw cacao mass, the fat (butter) is separated from the hard components (powder). A quality feature is the light color of our butter, which shows that the raw cacao mass was cold-pressed. This way, the fine cacao smell is preserved. During further processing, it should be noted that cacao butter behaves somewhat differently than butter from milk. Cacao butter melts in the hand at body temperature (therefore well suited for body lotion and other cosmetics) and can also be heated to a high temperature.

The cacao variety "Arriba Nacional" comes from Ecuador, a fine cacao that pampers the taste buds all over the world. The cacao from this project comes from the Los Ríos, Esmeraldas and Manabí region and is allowed to grow in mixed cultures. It is collected by locals and then brought to the smallholder cooperatives for fermentation and drying. There the cacao is gently refined into various products.

 Ingredients: 100% pure, organic cacao butter 

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