100% Pure, Wild, Organic Cacao, Ceremonial Grade, Bolivia - 1kg Block

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  • 100% Organic cacao from unroasted cacao beans from Bolivia
  • Wild collection from the Bolivian rainforest
  • Original cocoa variety "Cacao Beniano"
  • Use for ceremonial cacao or other delicious beverages, DIY chocolate, in smoothie, baking or cooking
  • Fair & directly traded

A very unique, original variety of cacao grows in the Beni region in Bolivia - the "Cacao Beniano". It is allowed to grow wild and is picked and fermented by the natives in the traditional way and sun dried in the forest. The rainforest is sustainably protected from deforestation and land grabbing through wild harvesting, as the high quality of the cocoa ensures a steadily increasing income for the local population. Thus not only can nature be protected, but also awareness of the importance of the rainforest in its original form can be promoted. Like us, our partners pursue the goal of keeping as much added value as possible in the growing countries in order to contribute to sustainable prosperity there. All production, from bean to the final product is in Bolivia. 


The Sensory Wheel
Due to the fine processing, the Wild Bolivia cacao mass is a special taste experience. With its very fine consistency, the mass is suitable both for raw consumption and for further processing into ceremonial cocoa, baked goods and savory sauces. With the help of the so-called Sensory Wheels you can easily compare the different taste profiles of our cacao varieties. Wild Bolivia cacao is characterized by slightly floral notes and an earthy-chocolate taste.

Ingredients: 100% pure, organic cacao


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