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    100% Pure, Ceremonial Grade Cacao Uplift, Energise, & Nourish

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Why is Cacao Considered the Ultimate Superfood?

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"Awesome personal service and epic cacao" ❤


~ Diljá

"I have tried all the varieties of cacao from KakóGull and personally I connect the most with the Wild Cacao from Bolivia. It is mild, creates surprising routes on my journey inwards and at the same time it supports my connection to the love from the heart, laughter, balance and happiness. That kind of happiness that comes like strength from ones own center, from the depths, from my roots and connects me with nature and myself."


~ Sigga

❤"I am so happy with the Bolivian ceremonial Cacao that I had! Really glad that Jacob and Tinna made this happen since it's super difficult to find such a great cacao in here. And they're also so helpful and friendly. I'll definitely come back!" ❤

~ Alex

"Personal, quick and secure service. Quality products with great prices." ❤❤❤


~ Úlfhildur

"I just want to compliment this young company for awesome products with great prices. Really good service and the buying process was streamline. Then the cacao arrived in no time and the quality yumm :-) Thank you so much!"


~ Guðmundur

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Why KakóGull?

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Stress and Hormonal Balance

100% Pure Cacao

Ritual & Ceremony

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